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To those residents of Charlton who may have been enrolled in the Charlton Community Electricity Aggregation Program in error: The Town has been notified by a Public Power LLC, the electric suppler for the Charlton Community Electricity Aggregation Program, that number of residents were mistakenly enrolled in the aggregation program which started this month, July 2017. Read the Notice

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In 1997, the State of Massachusetts became the first state to pass municipal electric aggregation legislation, a type of program designed to save consumers money on their electricity bills. In fact, in 1997, the Commonwealth formed the Cape Light Compact, the first municipal electric aggregation program in the country. Six other states have since followed. The programs go by different names in different states, but the bulk-purchasing principles upon which they operate are largely the same. By aggregating, or grouping, a large number of electric accounts together, economies of scale are created, enabling participating municipalities to achieve greater savings for consumers than could normally have been achieved by the individual customer.

The Town of Charlton will soon be launching the Charlton Community Electricity Aggregation program for residents and businesses in early 2017. The primary goals of the program are to provide annual savings and rate stability for participating consumers. The program was approved by the Board of Selectmen and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

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Petition and Supporting Documents for the Town of Charlton Municipal Aggregation Plan July 26, 2016

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Community Energy Aggregation FAQs