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Charlton Municipal Offices
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The following opportunities are currently available in the Town of Charlton. Please contact the appropriate person or department head if you are interested in applying.

Town government needs citizens that are registered voters to give of their time and talents serving the Town of Charlton. A Talent Bank Form has been established as a means of compiling a list of interested citizens willing to serve on a voluntary basis on a variety of boards and committees. Some boards meet often - some require less time - and some are busy at different times of the year. From time to time, there are also needs for advisory committees or sub-committees appointed to work on specific projects. If you are interested in serving, please indicate your preference by downloading the Talent Bank Form and mail with resume to: Selectmen's Office, 37 Main Street, Charlton, MA 01507 or FAX it to us at 508-248-2374.


Application for Employment

Please complete an Application for Employment to be considered and submit to unless otherwise noted. EOE.

Requests for Proposals and Bids
Note/Disclaimer: Bidders who download from the web need to notify the Town Administrator's office at 508-248-2206 to be notified of addendums or changes to the process.

Please complete a Talent Bank Form if you are interested in serving.

  • Conservation Commission: There is one opening on the Conservation Commission. Interested candidates should submit letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St., Charlton MA 01507

  • Civilian Traffic Commission: The Board of Selectmen formed the Civilian Traffic Commission as an advisory committee at their meeting on October 10, 2017. There are 2 openings and 1 alternate left to fill.

    - The Commission shall consist of five members plus one alternate member
    - One of the sustaining members should be the Police Chief in order to allow for the retention of information as well as a repository for any concerns that arise. It is important to have the Police Chief on the Commission so that in the cases where enforcement action is required or suggested, there is a clear path to provide that service.
    - Remaining members should be either residents of Charlton or an employee in the Town.
    - It can also be beneficial to bring in expert assistance in the form of Department of Transportation personnel from the State or Department of Public Works members from the community.
    - Members should be of voting age and in a position where they operate motor vehicles on the public ways.
    - It is important when reviewing potential Commission members to consider the background of the individuals. Individuals with a background in traffic safety or mitigation would be a positive asset for the Community and would be beneficial to the Commission.
    - Other than Police Chief, the committee would operate solely on an advisory basis to the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen. Having a Civilian Traffic Commission is an excellent way to filter complaints and concerns, consider options for mitigation and then relay those to the proper authorities.
    - At least 10 meetings/year on an approximately monthly schedule.

    Submit letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St., Charlton MA 01507

  • Planning Board: The Planning Board has one opening. The Planning Board is responsible for guiding and reviewing matters related to the physical growth and development of the Town. Submit a letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St., Charlton MA 01507 no later than 10/31/17

  • Community Development Advisory Committee: The Board of Selectmen seeks volunteers to help guide community development activities in Charlton. Members will provide input to Town staff and their partners as they evaluate community needs, gather public input, update development strategies, and seek resources to implement specific projects. Projects supported through community development efforts may include housing rehabilitation, public facilities improvements, infrastructure upgrades (water, sewer, drainage, roads), social services, engineering and planning projects, and others. Meetings will be held approximately every 3-6 weeks during the annual grant cycle (Sept. through January) and every 3-4 months during other seasons. Applicants may submit letters of interest to Charlton Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St., Charlton MA 01507

  • WRTA (Worcester Regional Transportation Agency) The Board of Selectmen is looking for a person. Interested in serving on the WRTA. Send letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St., Charlton, MA 01507

  • Alternate representative opening on the WRTA – Worcester Regional Transit Authority advisory board. Anyone wishing to be considered, should submit a letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St., Charlton MA.

  • The Charlton Arts and Activities Center is currently seeking a new board member. Interested parties should call 508-612-0293 or email

  • Cultural Council (1)

  • Historical Commission / Historic District Commission has five (5) openings. Meetings are the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm at the Town Hall. For more information, contact Bill Hultgren at 508-248-7034. Submit letters of interest to the Charlton Board of Selectmen 37 Main St., Charlton MA

  • Personnel Board (1)

  • Zoning Board of Appeals is looking for two members: Two (2) alternate members. Please submit letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, 37 Main St. Charlton, MA 01507
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