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Planning Board
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Charlton, MA 01507
P: 508-248-2237
F: 508-248-2372

Office Hours

Mon - Thu
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month September through June at 7 PM in the Planning Board Office. The Planning Board will meet once in July and once in August. The Planning Board will meet once in December and go back to regular schedule in January.

Agenda - Feb. 21, 7 PM

Public Hearings:

Notice - Feb. 21, 7 PM
Notice - Feb. 21, 7:15 PM
Notice - Mar. 7, 7:10 PM


Planning Board Directory

Bill Scanlan
Interim Town Planner
Jayne Garney
Administrative Assistant

Elected Board Members
Peter Starkus, Chairman
Jean Vincent, Secretary
Alycia Dzik
Ross Lemansky
Patricia Rydlak
Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for guiding and reviewing matters related to the physical growth and development of the Town of Charlton - being governed by Federal and State Statutes, local Zoning Bylaws, Subdivision Rules and Regulation. The Board also administers the Scenic Roads Act. The Master Plan is the primary guide for managing the towns growth.

If you would like to get on the Planning Board's agenda, please contact the Planning Board via phone or email by the Wednesday previous to a scheduled meeting.


Site Plans Related: Site Plan Application Requirements

Special Permits Related: Special Permit Application Requirement

Subdivision Forms

Documents Projects and Programs

Charlton Village District PDA Assessment Report 2015

Charlton's Community Development Plan (EO 418 Study) completed by CMRPC.

Charlton Project Guide

Charlton Master Plan (without maps)
Charlton Master Plan Update Website

Charlton Offers First-Time Homebuyer Program (or visit

Charlton Open Space, Greenways & Trails Planning Project
Open Space Trails and Greenways Map 2008

CMRPC - Charlton Snapshot - This snapshot contains data on:
Population, Economy, Housing, Education, Transportation, Public Safety

Planning Charlton Development

Power Point Presentation given by Bill Scanlon of CMRPC on October 28, 2002
funded through Ex Order 418 re: Charlton Center Study, Planning Board
and Economic Development Commission (EDC), Existing Conditions Report.

Route 169 Corridor Planning Analysis completed by CMRPC.

The Overlook Wins Smart Growth Award (includes aerial photos)

Housing Authority Plans Expansion

Charlton, MA. A recent report prepared for the Charlton Housing Authority supports an expansion at the Authority’s Meadowview Drive property in Charlton Center. The Authority has been seeking to expand due to the large demand for its existing units.

The proposed expansion plan consists of ten additional units for families and eight units for seniors and disabled individuals. Presently on the site are 30 elderly units and 6 family units. Jean Vincent, Executive Director of the Housing Authority, said: “As Charlton has grown over the years, we have a tremendous need to increase our supply of subsidized units to provide Charlton residents with high quality affordable housing”.

The study was funded by a grant from the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development with a cash match provided by the Charlton Planning Board. Alan Gordon, Charlton’s Planning Director, noted: “The Planning Board and Housing Authority have worked cooperatively on this effort for several years. This project is consistent with the Town’s new Master Plan which seeks to address the shortage of affordable housing by building new units in central locations with convenient services for residents.”

The principal authors of the study are planning consultant William Scanlan and engineering consultant Michael Andrade, P.E. of Graves Engineering, Inc. in Worcester. The Planning Board will place the report on the Town’s web site where interested parties may review and comment on the plan.

Ms. Vincent will submit the report to the Mass. Housing Partnership to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed expansion and seek additional funding to demonstrate the financial viability of the project, after which the Housing Authority will proceed to the engineering design stage of the proposal.

Jean Vincent, 508-248-5067
Alan Gordon, 508-248-2237
William Scanlan, 508-579-9975
Michael Andrade, 508-856-0321 ext. 103

CHA Feasibility Study - Final Report

Certified Copies

Certified copies of the Subdivisions Regulations may be purchased at the Planning Board office or the Town Clerk's Office.

How can I obtain a copy of the Zoning Bylaws and/or Subdivision Regulations?

Both the Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Regulations may be downloaded from this site:
Zoning Bylaw
Subdivision Regulations

Copies of the Zoning Bylaws and Subdivision Regulations are also available in the Planning Board Office for $15.00 per copy. If you would like a copy mailed to you, send a check for $18.00 (to cover postage) for each copy to the Charlton Planning Board, 37 Main Street, Charlton, MA 01507. Short sections of these documents may also be sent by fax, if requested. Copies of the Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Regulations are also available in the Town Clerk's Office.

What are the required lot sizes, minimum yards (setbacks), frontage, and maximum height required for new construction?

These requirements differ by zoning districts, as follows:

Zoning District Min. Lot Area Sq. Ft. Min. Lot Width & Contiguous Street Frontage Feet Min. Front Yard Feet Min. Side Yard Feet Min. Rear Yard Feet
Agricultural A 60,000 175 30 15 30
Low Density Residential R-40 40,000 150 30 15 15
Residential Small Enterprise R-SE 40,000 150 30 15 15
Neighborhood Business NB 20,000 100 40 15 15
Village V 10,000 75 10 10 10
Community Business CB 40,000 150 40 15 15
Business Enterprise Park BEP* 80,000 260 50 50 50
Industrial General IG** 40,000 150 40 35 35

The maximum height of a primary structure in all districts is 36 feet.
*BEP: Max Building Coverage is 33%. Max Building Height is 36 feet.
**IG: Max Building Coverage is 40%. Max Building Height is 36 feet.

Please note that there are some exceptions to the table above. For example, different standards apply to multi-family developments, some development in Industrial districts and in areas with sewer in the R-SE district. Please contact the Planning Board Office for details.

What zoning district is my property located in?

Copies of the zoning map are available for reference or purchase in the Planning Board Office and Town Clerk's Office. You may also call the Planning Board for information about your zoning district.

How long will review of my project take?

The time period for review of a particular project depends on the nature of the project and the legal advertisement and notification requirements. Please contact the Planning Board office to discuss the specifics of your proposal and the estimated time line. Applications that are complete and comply with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaws and/or Subdivision Regulations will receive the fastest review.

What are the Planning Board's fees?

Fees are as follows (effective October 2012):

1. Approval Not Required Plans $100 plus $50 per lot
2. Multi-Dwelling Projects $750 for Site Plan Review plus any applicable subdivision plan fees
3. Preliminary Subdivision Plans $150 plus $30 per lot
4. Definitive Subdivision Plans
- Without Preliminary Plans
$375 plus $100 per lot
$625 plus $200 per lot
5. Flexible Development Subdivision Special Permit $750
6. Site Plan Review $750
7. Roadway Inspection Per Planning Board Engineering Charge
8. Common Driveway Special Permit $750
9. Sign Special Permits $750
10. Advertising Fee Cost of Legal Ad
11. Zoning Bylaw
Zoning Maps
$5 - small; $30 - large
12. Subdivision Rules & Regulations $10
13. Telecommunications Tower and Special Permit $2500 plus $375 Annual Administration Fee
14. Senior Living Development Special Permit $750 plus $160 per unit
15. Reduced Frontage Lot Special Permit $750
16. Business Enterprise Park Special Permit $1250 plus $500 per structure
17. Scenic Road Special Permit $750

Which roads in Town are designated Scenic Roads?

The following roads are Scenic Roads:

  • Buteau Road
  • Cemetery Road
  • Gould Road
  • Horne Homestead Road
  • Jones Road
  • McIntyre Road
  • North Sturbridge Road
  • Smith Road
  • Tucker Road
  • Wheelock Road

Senior Housing Report

The Planning Board and Economic Development Commission (EDC) have co-sponsored a profile feature on available development sites along the Route 20 corridor in the July/August issue of the Business Development Journal, the national-level print and on-line economic development business site availability periodical. Go to to read the Charlton feature profile, listing of choice Rt. 20 corridor available sites and further information on the soon-to-be-released July/August print issue!

Notice: Revised Zoning By-Law Now Available

Sunset City Documents: Charlton Project Guide

CMRPC C-13 Prioritization Project. Click here to read about the project or visit

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