Real Estate Assessments / Abatements

Learn more about the three basic issues in understanding your real estate assessments and taxes:

The Fair Market Value of Your Home or Business

The General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts require that each city and town keep all real estate assessments current. The State now requires that adjustments to assessments be made on an annual basis. An annual adjustment process should control some of the large changes in your assessment that could have occurred when using a triennial update process. The laws still require that the Department of Revenue inspect the town’s revaluation process every three years.

Tax Billing

The Town of Charlton issues tax bills on a quarterly basis. The billing cycle begins on July 1st each year. Subsequent bills are issued October 1st, January 1st and April 1st.

The Appeal Process

The key to the appeal process is understanding your rights and responsibilities. The Massachusetts General Laws, as they apply to property assessments, place the burden of understanding and proof on the taxpayer. It is your responsibility to properly and legally file an appeal and then to provide proof that the Assessors have failed to correctly value your property. View more information on the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board.