Motor Vehicle & Boat Excise

If you are getting excise tax bill for a boat that you no longer own, you must notify the Tax Assessors’ Office and the Massachusetts Environment Police (M.E.P.). If you don’t do both of these, you will continue to receive tax bills and accrue interest and penalties. Even if you don’t renew the registration, M.E.P. will assume you still own the boat.

How to Remove Your Boat Off of Tax Rolls

You must do these two simple things to remove your boat off the tax rolls. According to the M.E.P. records, you are in possession of a boat with an Active Title in your name, moored in Charlton, MA.

You will continue to receive excise bills even if the Registration is cancelled or expired.

Contact Us

If you are no longer in possession of the boat, or have questions, please contact M.E.P. to obtain a Title Cancellation/status change form (PDF) and return to the Assessors for a possible abatement.

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