The Chase Burial Place

This burial place is on the farm now owned by John Davis, known as the Fletcher Farm, a mile south of Parker School House on the Dudley Road. It is some seventy-five rods from the road, back of the house, and some five rods from an arm of the Baker Pond, upon a slight knoll of ground. This description is given, and should any one try to find it even with this, he would have to look sharp or he would miss… is now and has been for long years, rotted down. The mounds are almost obliterated which should go to show that it was over a burial place. From inspection we should say it was eighteen feet square and contains some five graves. These graves are of members of the Chase family, who were among the early settlers of Charlton. From the information we can gain we would say that Eleazer Chase and wife, their son Timothy, who lost his leg in the Revolutionary war; and two children of this Timothy Chase, were those buried at this place. The dates of their death we have not learned, nor their ages, but they must have died previous to this century. Just over the town line in Dudley is a Chase burial place, whom, we infer, were the children of this Eleazer Chase. In the deeds given of this place there is a reservation of this plot of ground, but in only a few more years and all traces of it will pass from view.

Source: Reverend Anson Titus compiled for the 1875 Centennial