Recreation Commission

About the Commission

The Charlton Recreation Commission, a Three Member Elected Board, oversees all Town sports fields, facilities and recreational activities/schedules throughout the Town. The Commission works with the Department of Public Works to ensure Seasonal operations and maintenance.

Municipal Fields Notice

Please be advised that groups participating in Sporting  Events using  the Municipal Recreation Fields can NOT use the Library Parking Lots - reserved for their patrons, and are NOT  allowed to park  in the Westridge Cemetery. Individuals who do park in these designated areas (Library and Cemetery)  may have their vehicles ticketed or towed.  

Recreation Commission Statement

This past year, the basketball court next to the Library was completely restored and resurfaced, and lines repainted.

 The Skatepark cracks were filled and  Park was sealcoated.  Charlton  Rec Friends generously covered the cost of the Skatepark project to which the Commission would like to thank all the citizens involved in their fundraising efforts! The skatepark is suitable for rollerblading, skateboarding, scooters and bicycles for all ages. 

The project at Maynard Field, located on Dresser Hill Road, continues  with plans to upgrade  the facilities and parking lot bringing  the Field into compliance with the American Disabilities Act.  These upgrades will include a new snack shack, a wheelchair accessible ramp to view the games and make the snack shack wheel chair accessible, also resurfacing the parking area linking it to the Football field. We are hopeful that the project will be completed by the Fall of 2021 or Spring 2022.

The Commission supports Old Home Day , which unfortunately was unable to be held in the Fall due to COVID. We are hoping that this traditional  Event will happen Fall of 2021 for all to enjoy.

The Commission continues to support Fay Mountain Farm - a valuable town owned resource that provides passive Recreation with hiking trails and events.

Charlton has much to offer for outdoor recreation, with a beautiful playground for the younger children, a new basketball court, multi-functional skatepark, sports’ fields for all ages, and hiking trails thru out the Town. As Commissioners, we work hard to oversee these areas and will continue to value your input, new ideas, and work hard to achieve goals on your behalf.