Water / Sewer Commission

In effort to protect our residents and staff, we ask that you wear a mask when visiting our office.  Thank you.

About the Commission

The Water/Sewer Commission is a five member committee responsible for overseeing all matters related to public water and sewer in the Town of Charlton

Many of our forms and permits for the Water/Sewer Dept are listed below.
Those looking to do business are still encouraged to do so by remote means through resources available at www.townofcharlton.net

Press Releases

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Legal Notice

Sewer Moratorium update: At a regular scheduled meeting Monday, July 13, 2020, of the water and sewer commission the following motion was approved:

Mr. Gagner motioned to extend the Moratorium to August 3, 2022, subject to the fact, that it can be modified by the Commission within these two years. The purpose of this Motion is to orderly and fairly, allocate the prescribed capacity in the following manner and amounts: The Capacity is 100,000 gallons per day of residential like sewerage. 50,000 gallons per day to be reserved for residential use, those residents within the current sewer area: and 50,000 gallons per day to be reserved for commercial and industrial growth. To qualify, for the commercial-industrial availability of 50,000 gallons per day, no one applicant will be allowed to request more than 10,000 gallons per day capacity without approval by the commission. Residential, commercial and industrial applicants, not within the service area can be reviewed by the Commission. The Commission has the right to review and modify this Moratorium at any time. This Motion shall remain in effect until August 3, 2022, or when capacity is reached, if sooner. Seconded by Mr. Donohue. Motion passes unanimously.

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