Permits for Building & Information

Online Permitting    Linked Here

Starting December 1, 2021,  Permits for Building, Wiring, Gas, Plumbing can be applied for on line. Full guidance document linked here.

User Signup: First signup to be a user, enter the required information, also your license, and insurance information, your Home Improvement registration, attach PDF copies of the documents one time then when they renew.  

Applications: Items marked with an asterisk are required. You can save the form in process, however you can not submit incomplete applications. The applicants and owners phone number with e-mail address is vey important.  

Small projects: Maybe handled by the appropriate check box such as; roof, siding, replacement windows.

Submittals: Attach PDF copies of the site plan showing the location of new structures, driveway permit if applicable, attach sufficient building plans to show  the work to be done including before and after if remodeling, HERs rating for new homes, energy code compliance for additions or renovations. A guidance document is linked here

Payments: We will review the submittal, determine the permit fee and e-mail back to you for payment. Payment may be made on line by credit card or automatic clearing house or by check submitted to this office. 

Additional approvals: We will send the permit application for review to the needed departments for their approval as needed. 

Review and approval: We will review the submittal and notify you of any missing items or questions. one the review is complete you will be notified the permit is ready.

Paper applications

Will be accepted, PDF applications are available linked below.

Include in your submittal a completed application, We will obtain the needed signatures for you. Attach site plan showing  the location of new structures, sufficient building plans of the work to be done including before and after if remodeling, HERs rating for new homes, energy code compliance for additions or renovations. 

Also include a copy of your licenses and certificate of insurance.

Accessory Permit for One & Two Family Homes

View the Accessory Permit for One and Two Family Homes (PDF) which is used for:

  • Fences, retaining walls
  • Pools
  • Roofing, siding, replacement windows
  • Sheds
  • Solid fuel burning appliances (aka pellet, wood and coal stove)

Additions, Remodeling & New Dwelling Permit

View the Additions, Remodeling, and New Dwelling Permit for One and Two Family Homes (PDF) which is used for:

  • Additions
  • Interior remodeling and improvement
  • Decks and Porches
  • Garages
  • Major remodeling
  • New homes up to 2 Family
  • Screen rooms
  • Sunrooms