BOS Goals & Objectives

Fiscal Year 2021
  • Reduce and/or eliminate certain fees
  • Continue to move to a true DPW
  • See the town become more aggressive re: water progress
  • Put the sex offender bylaw on a 2021 town meeting warrant
  • Establish Performance Evaluations and Goals for Department Heads and Town Administrator
  • Improve solicitation of volunteers through creating profiles for volunteer positions and recognizing and spotlighting community volunteers
  • Improve communications with the BOS relative to interdepartmental issues
  • Ensure the need for a New Fire Station is addressed
  • Create tool to improve customer service
  • Establish a policy relative to access to legal counsel
  • Improve Financial Stability/Balanced Budget (Stabilization Fund Policy to maintain 10% of Operational Budget)
  • Address Traffic Issues including a larger infrastructure needs review