NEC Liquified Natural Gas Facility - 341 Southbridge Road

LNG Site

Local Approvals

  • Conservation - DEP #128-1812 - Order of Conditions Issued - June 16, 2021
  • Planning - Note: As ruled by the EFSB in their preliminary siting decision, Individual and Comprehensive Exemptions from the Zoning Bylaw will be granted to this project. Planning Board's scope of review will be limited to site plan review and comment. NEC will implement any reasonable site plan modifications. All site changes are subject to EFSB approval. - Pending
  • Selectmen - Development Agreement - Approved
  • Selectmen/Assessors - Tax Agreement - Pending

The project proposes to construct a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility in Charlton. The LNG Facility will receive natural gas from a meter station on the Tennessee Natural Gas Pipeline Company (TGP) interstate pipeline. Natural gas will be delivered from the meter station to the LNG Facility using a new interconnection main (pipe), and the facility will then liquify and produce approximately 168,240 gallons per day (14,020 dekatherms) of LNG for delivery to National Grid’s LNG storage facilities.