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Captain Jesse Smith Yard

This yard was formerly a part of the Jesse Smith property now owned by Wm. D. Warren, and is a few rods from the highway leading to Rochdale, near the junction of the road leading to Mr. Warren's house. Capt. Smith gave the yard to the town in 1826, not long before he died. Mr. Smith died June 21, 1826, aged 68 years, and his widow died in 1848. Capt. Smith was a soldier of the revolution. Their remains together with the remains of hi s mother are within a well sealed tomb upon this land. At a former time there were many burials here, but one after another the bodies have been removed so that now but a few remain, and some of these are soon to be removed. The poor of the town whose remains are unclaimed by the relatives have been buried in one portion of the yard, since it came in possession of the land.

This Capt. Smith's family had no children of their own, so they brought up one Jesse Smith Warren who was heir to the estate, and in turn our esteemed citizen, Wm. S. Warren, received it from his father. Capt. Smith at one time gave a bell to the church at the North-side, on the present site of the school-house, then occupied by the Baptists and Universalists. This bell was cracked on one occasion and was re-cast; which bell is still in use by the school at that place. Mr. Smith also gave a generous donation of the Millward school district of $1000, the interest to be used for repairing the building and for giving extra schooling to the youth of that district. It has been enjoyed by the youth for half-century and no doubt has done much benefit.

Source: This text is an excerpt from a compilation of Charlton Cemeteries by Reverend Anson Titus.
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