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Tucker Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery aka The Capt. Jonathan Tucker Yard

This burial place is on the Spencer road leading north from Millward school house some ten rods from the highway. In this yard there are but two graves, one in memory of Mrs. Martha, wife of Capt. Jonathan Tucker, who died Nov. 23, 1774, aged 64 years. Nearby is that of Capt. Tucker, though there is no marked headstone. The flat is surrounded by a wall with two pine trees within it. Capt. Tucker was a man or prominence in town. He was chairman of the selectmen for some years after that section called the "gore" was definitely fixed to the town.

Source: This text is an excerpt from a compilation of Charlton Cemeteries by Reverend Anson Titus. Note that the cemetery is actually ten rods (165 feet) from Smith Road going from Northside.
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