Police Department


85 Masonic Home Road
Charlton, MA 01507




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For Accident Report Requests

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For all other records please use the email below

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dowd, Daniel Chief of Police   508-248-2250  
Jackson, Mara Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police   508-248-2250  
Mason, Gary Lieutenant   508-248-2267  
Cloutier, Keith Sergeant   508-248-2250  
Madelle, Steven Sergeant   508-248-2250  
Gribbons, Anthony Detective Sergeant   508-248-2250  
Cardrant, Brian Sergeant   508-248-2250  
Smith, Timothy Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Martocci, Jason Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Gaylord, Derek K9 Officer   508-248-2250  
White, Jason Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Birtz, Christopher Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Hanks, Daniel Traffic Officer   508-248-2250  
Bullock, Timothy Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Tetlow, Aaron Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Tretheway, Nicholas Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Burdett, Jennifer Court Officer/ Public Records Officer   508-248-2250  
Beane, Leonard Patrolman/School Resource Officer   508-248-2250  
Chase, Ryan Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Altiery, Jose Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Bellerose, Steven Patrolman   508-248-2250  
Reddick, Richard K9 Officer   508-248-2250  
Harney, Nicholas Patrolman   508-248-2250