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Depot Cemetery

Depot Cemetery aka The Harvlin Town Yard

On this land are buried five members of the Towne family, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Williams and their daughter Polly. The town acquired the enclosed burial yard in 1860 from the Hammond family and additional adjacent land for burial purposes in 1996 from Oliver Howlett.

The Harvlin Town Yard is near the Depot towards the City, in a small clump of pine trees. There is a tomb within the well enclosed yard, and has been kept in good repair. In the tomb are the remains of Mr. and Mrs. Towne. And nearby are the graves of Daniel Williams and his wife Mary and their daughter Polly Williams, who died in 1875. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were the parents of Mrs. Towne, Daniel Williams died in 1815, and was first buried on the west side of the road towards the City from the tomb, a few rods up the side hill. When this yard was made his remains were removed.

Mr. Towne was station agent at the Depot from the time the railroad was built (1839) until his death (1869). He was also post-master, express agent, etc., which brought him much in contact with the people. In these positions he seems to have given satisfaction, if one is to judge by the length of service.

Source: This text is an excerpt from a compilation of Charlton Cemeteries by Reverend Anson Titus.
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